Amazon Ships A Billion Items For 2016 Holiday Sales

Amazon has announced that the 2016 holiday was its best holiday season ever. The online retailer had record-breaking sales. Not surprisingly, the company’s own devices like the Echo Dot, Fire TV Stick, Fire tablet, and Amazon Echo were some of the best selling products this holiday season.

In fact, the number of devices sold from the Amazon Echo family is up 9x compared to the 2015 holiday season. That is an impressive jump.

It became clear that the Amazon Echo products would perform well during the holidays since Amazon was all but sold out of them just a few days before Christmas. So we knew the score. Even brick-and-mortar retailers that carry the devices were sold out. More than one billion items were shipped over the holidays worldwide with Amazon Prime and Fulfilment by Amazon. It turns out that more people around the world tried Amazon Prime this year than in any previous year. Next year should be amazing as well if Amazon can keep this up.

Amazon broke other records as well. The fastest Prime Now delivery took place on Christmas Eve, when it took the company 13 minutes to deliver the order, a Tile Slim Item Finder and Tile Mate Key Finder to a Prime member in Redondo Beach, California. That is amazingly fast. Other factors include the fact that over 72 percent of Amazon customers across the globe shopped using a mobile device this holiday season, while shopping on the free Amazon mobile app grew by over 56 percent in the 2016 holiday season. It has been a great season for Amazon.

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