Android Users Can Pre-Register For Super Mario Run

Despite Super Mario Run being an exclusive to iOS devices at the beginning, Nintendo has always said that Super Mario Run would eventually find its way onto Android. We just didn’t know when this would happen, but it was suggested that it would be in 2017.

Well, now it appears to be sooner rather than later. Thanks to a tweet by Nintendo of America, it looks like Android gamers will now be able to pre-register for the game.

Gamers can register and be notified when the game is ready for download. However, we still don’t know when exactly this will be happening, so we can only assume that with pre-registrations starting now, the release shouldn’t be too far off. Maybe it will be in January. Anyway you can pre-register at the Google Play Store.

Reviews of the game seem to be divided. Some reviews are positive, while others have criticized its $10 price tag to unlock all the levels, and the fact that it requires users to have an always-on internet connection. Those criticisms are valid, but I guess it comes down to what you are willing to pay. If you don’t mind the price, you will likely enjoy this Mario game.

Source Ubergizmo



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