Arduino FM Radio Project (video)

Arduino FM Radio Project

Arduino enthusiasts looking for a new project to keep them busy over the weekend may be interested in a new Arduino FM Radio Project, which uses an ATmega328-based board to communicate with a TEA5767 FM radio module.

The project is also fitted with a 10-turn potentiometer to set the station, and a 15W amp to power the speakers. Check out the video below to see the finished project enclosed in a wooden case in action low.

So this is just a follow up up video showing what the completed project looks like. I’m not much of a wood worker, so I’d probably cause more harm than good if I showed you those steps 🙂 But it did turn out great and I’m really happy with everything. The LED flicker circuit I talk about was totally ‘winged’… don’t even think I made one calculation while designing that. I also forgot to mention that I’m pretty sure the output of the FM radio module is capacitively coupled, which is why I didn’t add one on my circuit, but again, not a lot of thought went into it… it works fine.

For more information on the new Arduino FM Radio Project jump over to the Kevin Darrah website for details and Arduino IDE code by following the link below.


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