BioStar Racing GM5 Carbon Fiber Gaming Mouse Unveiled

Carbon Fiber Gaming Mouse

BioStar has this week added a new carbon fibre gaming mouse to its line of PC controllers with the introduction of the BioStar Racing GM5 which provides support up to 7200 DPI and is equipped with a unique carbon fibre casing.

The gaming mouse provides on-the-fly DPI switching with 4-stage selection from 800, 1600, 2400 and 7200 using the software and DPI switch, as well as Omoron switches that have been added to guarantee exact actuation on every click, says BioStar.

The BIOSTAR RACING GM5 gaming mouse fully unleashes BIOSTAR’s commitment into delivering its best when it comes to its gaming products with fully adjustable DPI settings up to 7200DPI, you can easily choose at 50DPI increments if you wish for more precise tracking that is tailored for your own personal need.

BIOSTAR RACING GM5 gaming mouse inpired and designed with the RACING spirit in mind. Featuring a unique carbon fiber shell for that sleek gaming feel, experience ultra-swift and precise tracking with the PMW 3330 optical sensor powering the BIOSTAR RACING GM5. Supporting up to 7200 DPI, you are guaranteed optimal gaming performance everytime.

The BIOSTAR RACING GM5 gaming mouse has RGB LED illiumination on its scroll wheel and side for added effect. LED indicators merge with the main light for a natural look and provide an intuitive display of the current DPI level. Included with the BIOSTAR RACING GM5 as well as all BIOSTAR Intel 200-series motherboards, all new VGAs, gaming mice and keyboards are free invite codes for World of Tanks.

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