inteligenDock iPad Dock Hits Kickstarter (video)

inteligenDock iPad Dock

iPad users looking for a new way to transform their portable tablet into a more desktop style system when working on longer documents, projects and spreadsheets. May be interested in a new iPad dock which has been created by intéligenMX based in Mexico.

inteligenDock has been specifically designed for the iPad and allows you to easily use a standard Apple keyboard while charging your iPad and working. Check out the video below to learn more about its design and features.


The creators of inteligenDock explain a little more about its design and inspiration.

We LOVE our iPads and after using them a LOT of hours everyday, we realized that it will be very useful to have something that could make them more comfortable to use. After we looked for and didn’t found this “something” we decided to build it. Afer hundreds of hours of work and several prototypes we finished the 1st version of intéligenDock and WE LOVED IT!

With inteligenDock your tasks could be done faster and more easy. You will be able to full-exploit apps for music (like Garageband), Photo Editing, duplicate your screen (like Duet Display) and almost any app in which you pass long time and need to be more comfortable and be more productive.

inteligenDock is currently available to back via the Kickstarter crowdfunding website, with shipping expected to take place during February 2017 and offer support for the iPad Mini as well as all larger iPad one, two, three and four devices.

Source: Kickstarter



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