‘Jet Black’ Samsung Galaxy S7 To Launch Next Month

Samsung Galaxy S7

When Apple launched their new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus smartphones they introduced a range of new colors, one of those is glossy black Finnish which is called Jet Black.

According to a recent report Samsung is now looking to launch a glossy black or jet black version of their Galaxy S7 handsets.


Samsung already has a matte black version of the Galaxy S7 which it calls Onyx Black, so it is also looking to take on the Jet Black version of the iPhone with its new Glossy Black Galaxy S7.

Samsung also launched another new color recently a Coral Blue handset, which appears to be popular in South Korea. It looks like Samsung is doing everything it can to boost sales of the Galaxy S7 after its Note 7 handset was cancelled.

Source Korea Herald, MacRumors


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