MSI Trident 3 Compact Gaming PC Powered By Kaby Lake CPUs

MSI Trident 3 Compact Gaming PC

MSI has launched a new compact desktop gaming system in the form of the new MSI Trident 3 which comes pre-supplied with Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 home 64-bit operating system and is being marketed as the world’s smallest virtual reality ready gaming PC.

The mini desktop gaming system is fitted with an exclusive cooling system in the form of the Silent storming cooling 2 and will be powered by a 7th generation Kaby Lake processor and ways just 3.17 kg and has a volume of just 4.72 Litres.

MSI Trident 3 Compact Gaming PC

MSI Trident 3 is a real Gaming PC for next generation gaming. It is equipped with VR-Link and a ‘One-click-to-VR’ button which make Trident 3 world’s smallest VR ready Gaming Desktop to date. Going to a LAN-party, a friend or you just feel like you want to bring your Gaming Desktop anywhere you go? Trident 3 only weighs 3.17 KG and fits in most conventional backpacks.

Bring true gaming desktop performance with you everywhere. Cooling is essential for Gaming systems. MSI Trident 3 features MSI’s special and exclusive cooling technology called Silent Storm Cooling 2. Separating key components in different chambers with optimized airflow, the systems cooling is completely fine-tuned and ready for many hours of gaming without breaking a sweat.

Features of the MSI Trident 3 include :

• Compact, light weight and easy to transport case
• Full performance in extra-compact 4.72-liter case
• VR Link; optimal VR experience
• Choose to place your Gaming PC horizontally or vertically
• Carefully though connection ports to fit your needs as a gamer
• MSI Gaming Graphics Cards delivery better gaming performance
• Audio Boost 3: Reward your ears with studio grade sound quality
• Nahimic 2.5 Audio Enhancer
• Mystic Light RGB LED design, customize your look
• Supports 4K video and 4K game
• Supports matrix display
• 7th Gen Intel Core™ processor with DDR4 memories
• High quality and durable Military Class 5 components
• Super Charger 2: fast charge you mobile device
• Enrich your experience with included MSI software

Source: MSI



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