Next Generation Stylophone Gen X-1 Builds On The Original Classic Toy (video)

Stylophone Gen X-1

Dubreq the creators of the original Stylophone synthesiser toy which was first released back in 1968 of this week unveil their latest creation in the form of the Stylophone GEN X-1 which builds on the iconic design of the original.

Watch the video below to learn more about the Stylophone GEN X-1 the latest portable analogue synthesiser by Dubreq priced at $60 and see it in action.


Dubreq’s ‘Stylophone’ is one of the most iconic and popular electronic keyboard instruments of all time, having sold over 4 million between its invention in 1968 and today. The Stylophone retains all the features from 1968 but with up-to-date technology, making it even more fun to make your own music!

The Stylophone GEN X-1 is the latest portable analogue synthesizer by Dubreq. Estimated retail launch date is May 2017 with an anticipated RRP of (no more than) £59.99. Register your interest now by simply completing the form below and Dubreq will give you: 20% off the purchase price the first units off the production line. In the meantime we are launching the Stylophone GEN X-1 at NAMM 2017 and also releasing a number of videos highlighting the many features and sounds packed into this portable analogue synth.

For more information on the new Stylophone Gen X-1 jump over to the official Dubreq website for details by following the link below.

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