Raspberry Pi Football Lets You Know If You Kick Correctly And More (video)

Raspberry Pi Football

14-year-old Amelia Day has created an awesome Raspberry Pi project using a football and the processing power of the Raspberry Pi mini PC, to record whether soccer players are kicking the ball correctly.

The ball, tethered to a parasol shaft and uses a Raspberry Pi, LEDs, Bluetooth, and pressure points which all combine to capture data when the ball is kicked and aid athletes to connect with the ball with the right degree of force at the appropriate spot.

After originally creating the Raspberry Pi football Amelia continue to develop the system and with the help of eighth-grade science teacher Michele Chamberlain has refined the system to help stroke therapy patients. Check out the video below to learn more.


The Raspberry Pi Foundation website explains a little more about the competition :

The video above comes as part of Amelia’s submission for the Discover Education’s 3M ‘Young Science Challenge 2016’, a national competition for fifth- to eight-grade students from across the USA.

Down to the last ten finalists, Amelia travelled to 3M HQ in Minnesota this October where she had to present her project to a panel of judges. She placed third runner up and received a cash prize.

For more details jump over to the Raspberry Pi Foundation website by following the link below.

Source: RPiF


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